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Types Of Gardens  

Native Nooks uses outstanding design principles to create relaxing gardens which have colourand interest for you to enjoy all year or for your children to play in.

The yellow-faced honeyeater sips the nectar of grevilleas, the scarlet robin eats insects visiting the flowers,loving on the leaves or hiding in the bark. 

Designed and constructed gardens

Native Nooks will work with a cleared block, a previously built garden or an exotic garden to design and plant a peaceful bush garden or to construct a more traditionally landscaped native garden using rocks, timbers, carefully selected plants and grasses, lawns and paving.

Native grassland gardens

Our peaceful grassland gardens create the atmosphere of rocks, logs and small, colourful flowering plans.  They include local plants such the tall kangaroo grass, gentle grey-green snow tussocks and the lovely local bluebell. Native Nooks pioneered these wild gardens in Canberra. For the many years our native grassland gardens have featured at Floriade.

Do-it-yourself gardens

Native Nooks has constructed many gardens in cooperation with the owners over a number of weekends. We can give your efforts as much guidance as you want. The cooperation may be as simple as advice on the best species for your soil, to attract birds or to give you the colours you want. Or we may work together to design and construct a wild or landscaped native garden.

Country gardens

Country gardens need a totally different perspective from city gardens. Native Nooks has an interest in country gardens with their special needs relating to views, fire danger, stock, protection from winds, bush regeneration, planting in large areas and having relaxing places for enjoyment all year. We can design a low-maintenance gardens, maximising views and carefully selecting species.

Bush regeneration

Bush regeneration is suitable for areas which have some remnant vegetation remaining.  If you have remnant vegetation on your house block or country block we can advise on how to restore it to its former glory. This is best done before building.

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