Our Expertise

Plants that perform

  • Grevillea lanigera is an attractive medium-sized local plant that will attract birds to the bright red flowers. 
  • Grevillea glabrata has a tiny white flower that attracts insects. 
  • From sunny windswept areas to those dry and shady areas under trees, we can select suitable plants.
  • Some Poa tussock grass species are unsuitable for dry areas while others thrive there.
  • Grassland herbs such as the yellow button can provide six months of colour. 
  • Winter colour can be provided by flowering shrubs.
  • Species can be selected to work well within exotic gardens. 
  • We can select for screening or fast-growing plants for the bare block. 
  • All our plants are well suited to Canberra Conditions.

Local plants

  • Plants which grow naturally in local bushlands make birds and animals part of the pleasure to be derived from the garden. 
  • Some of the people with Native Nook gardens have learnt about local flora and now foster understanding of local species planting in Canberra. 
  • Local species offer a good challenge to those who wish to learn more about ecologically sensitive gardens.

Soils and climate

  • Native Nooks knows the various soul types and problems common in the Canberra region. 
  • Our plants will grow well in the range of Canberra soils and also survive the winter frosts.

Watering systems

  • Native Nooks can advise you on, and install, watering systems for your garden.


  • Native Nooks aims to help you during the establishment phase so that your garden grows and thrives. 
  • This includes advice on watering and other aspects of caring for young and old plants.

Meeting your needs

  • Native Nooks offers services to suit every budget from consultations to advise you on coherent designsand planting advice through to full design and construction services.