About Native Nooks

Native Nooks - About Native Nooks

Native Nooks has over 28 years’ experience in landscaping and horticulture in the Canberra area, 
as well as experience in other areas of Australia and overseas. And soil issues in the region for much longer.

Leon Horsnell, principal of Native Nooks, has a Master of Agricultural Science degree and is
a former president of the Australian Institute of Horticulture ACT Region. 

He has gained recognition as an expert in native landscaping, local plant growing and selection and landcare issues in the region. 

Leon  received the Silver Spade Award of the Institute of Horticulture for  bush regeneration work. 


Guiding Principles

  •  Native Nooks designs gardens to suit your taste. 
  • We plan the views from windows and doorways. 
  • Close consultation at each stage of designing, constructing and planting a garden
    is a critical part of our many successful gardens around Canberra.
  • Native Nooks uses cost-effective and quick methods to create delightful gardens. 
  • Once established, they require little effort or water.
  • Native Nooks builds colourful living ecosystems well suited to Canberra soils and climate. 
  • We make ecologically sensitive gardens that restore habitat for Australian fauna. 
  • We are keenly aware of the interrelationships between native plants and animals.
  •  Our designs build colourful living ecosystems well suited to Canberra soils and climate.

Leon’s love of native gardens led him to establishing Native Nooks, a specialty native garden advisory, design, planting and construction service in 1986. 

Since then his many gardens have helped to create an environmentally sensitive and attractive landscape for Canberra garden and bird lovers.

    A regular guest on Radio Landcare as an expert on  ecological gardening and agricultural and land care matters.

    Radio Landcare

    Listen to Radio Landcare on QBN-FM 96.7 on Sundays 8 - 9am and 2XX FM 98.3 Community Radio on Tuesdays 9 - 10am.

    Regularly gives talks to interested country and city groups on issues in creating ecologically sensitive gardens.

    Taught in the Department of Horticulture at the Canberra Institute of Technology. 

    Contributed  "In flower this week" for the Australian National Botanic Gardens.

    Past member of the ACT Governments Landcare advisory and funding committees.